Hello There!

Hi there! It has been awhile, as I have spent some time pondering the direction of this blog. I believe what I really need to focus on is my own journey and discoveries. I realize that God prefers us to look inwardly rather than point the finger outward. I don’t believe there is anything wrong with stating that I believe the practices of the New Apostolic Revival and Progressive Christianity are not of God in several areas, but I think that attacking and dissecting their beliefs is not a loving act, and therefore, not in God’s plan.

So what am I going to to? Well, I really enjoy the thought of documenting my faith journey here, and continuing to blog. I am not looking for attention, however, I do consider myself a writer of some degree, because writing makes me happy. I would also love to look back and remind myself of the things I learn on the way. I love the idea of having an additional motivation to explore the Gospel in depth. And lastly, I cherish the idea of sharing my faith, and as an introvert, I believe that for now this is probably the best way; a start anyway.

Now it is your turn. I haven’t garnered much interaction so far from readers, but that is due to the “preachy” nature of my posts, I’m guessing. I’d love for this blog to be a conversation starter though. I want to know what you think. What I can learn from you. What you want to explore together.

My first topic, coming sometime in the future, is one currently on my heart and mind. I want to explore the concept of Paul and the thorn in his side. There is much debate on the meaning of this malady, and most recently it has been suggested to me that the phrase references being under attack by Satan, as Jesus was in the desert. So was it physical, mental, spiritual? And what light does this shed on the concept of the promises of healing that we see throughout Scripture?

Ok, I’m getting ahead of myself! I hope you will join me!

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