Mission Statement

MY Mission

I started this blog to carry readers along with me as I discover the roots and the truth of the Prosperity Gospel and other movements that may carry their message outside of the true Gospel. I want to be careful to pursue this endeavor, not in the spirit of self-promotion, but of seeking the Truth of Jesus Christ, and doing my best to educate lay-persons like myself who have likely been operating in ignorance through no fault of their own.

Please join me as, one at a time, I explore thought-leaders from every angle of this scary mess, and please do challenge me with information of your own, corrections, and questions for us to seek answers to together.

MY History

A special friend named Stephen in Namariat, Kenya. God used Steven to bless me more than any blessing I could have ever given.

I am an aspiring writer, aspiring truth teller, aspiring Christian hoping to further my faith with, most importantly, an ever-growing personal relationship with God. Beyond that, I am a seeker. I want to know and understand the Truths of the Gospel. I am a logic hound, finding holes and working to fill them while holding faith that some answers will not be found, though I can trust that God is good. I trust that He is who He says He is, even if I lack understanding.

I want to be aware of, and help others to learn about false teachers, false prophets, and those that misrepresent our God. I want to share things that are revealed to me as I work to grow my faith. I have already achieved grace through no works of my own, but may I give thanks to God for that gift by doing my best to further His Kingdom and share his Gospel.

I want to remain humble. In order to remind myself, not necessarily my readers, I will continually point to God as the Truth teller, not me. This is a project that I hope and pray is a part of God’s will. If at any point I feel that it is no longer so, this project will end. Please pray for me for discernment, discretion, and humility.

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