Mind Blown

If you think you will hear from me daily in general, you are quite wrong. I plan on posting weekly(ish).

But today my mind was blown by a truth that now seems so obvious I feel shame for not understanding it before. And you know what? I don’t think I’m the only one. Or maybe I am just late to the party. I know that some of you know that Christianity isn’t necessarily gentle, or easy to digest. Did you know, though, that despite the many Christians who self-righteously judge others, Christianity really isn’t about ourselves? It isn’t about how we get saved and get to go to Heaven. What?? That’s right. Christianity is about fulfilling God’s plan, and worshiping Him in all His holiness. Why? BECAUSE HE IS SO HOLY IT SHOULD JUST BE WHAT WE WANT TO DO! But we sin, and we are sinners, and so we struggle to see beyond ourselves in order to understand His glory and majesty.

The following quote comes from Paul Johnson in the second American Gospel movie. IT BLEW MY MIND!

“If God saved me because of my value, then my focus is on myself, and how amazing I am! In other words, I am worshiping myself. But if God saved me because of His love, who He is, not who I am, then God’s glory, His value, His worth is magnified.”

I have truly never considered this. I have really felt like my faith was my ticket to Heaven, and that in itself, because His massive sacrifice on the cross, was why we were to worship Him. But, duh! We should worship Him because He is amazing! He is the best gift that could ever be offered! He is the both the Beginning and the End. Our salvation is not to be seen as our gain, although it is certainly a gift given to us. It is however, more importantly, our service to the Great King. He is the purpose. The one our gift is meant to serve. Our salvation is to be a means of bringing more glory to Him… not to feel secure about our own destiny. He has assured us of that gift. But even before that, we should be committed to serving Him… because of who He is. Not as a thank you for what He has done.

“Like a rose trampled on the ground
You took the fall
And thought of me
Above all” ~ Michael W. Smith

NOPE! Not true!

See if you can find any other songs that focus on Christ’s death due to our value rather than His death as the conquering of satan.

{Stepping off soap box so that I can go re-evaluate my entire life}

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