A Mission Statement of Sorts

First, what does the term “apologetics” mean?

And what is my goal in exploring apologetics?

As I have begun to do research for this project, a few things have become very clear:

  1. Not all sources are reliable (duh!)
    1. Some people have grudges
    2. Some people take a single accusation and run with it
    3. Some people don’t do their own research
    4. Some people aren’t objective

This is unfortunate, because it means that there is a wealth of, well, crap, on the internet. But thankfully, there are books, there are recorded sermons from the people and churches I would like to address, and there are also sources in defense of each accusation made against them. That said, here are guidelines I intend to follow, and to be held accountable to:

  1. I will be objective
    1. I am not out to crucify (pun intended?) anyone
    2. As I look into accusations, I will also look into defenses in favor of the subject at hand
    3. I will have an open mind
  2. I will be thorough
    1. No statements will be made on the authority of a single source, unless I specifically state the lack of corroborating information
    2. When possible, I will rely on specific text from, or video of the subject to confirm what I present
    3. I will examine the credibility of each source used to gain information, and I will give them credit within, or at the end of each post
  3. I will be open minded
    1. In addition to examining counter-claims, I will remain open to revelation of new information brought to the table by readers, and/or new sources that emerge, and I will clarify any corrections within the original post, and will refer back to the corrections in the next post written
  4. I will not simply write with the goal of tearing down. The purpose of this blog is not to go on attack. I don’t want to create division and strife. I simply want to learn more about what is happening in many areas of the church and to share what I learn along the way. Part of learning (well) is impartiality.

Please feel free to keep me accountable, not just to these guidelines, but to any others I have missed that would be important in keeping integrity and truthfulness.

Also, if you like what you read and want to be notified of new posts, you can subscribe, and of course, you can always share with anyone else you think would be interested.

And leave comments. Way…way down below.


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