Eyes Opened

There were a lot of things I wanted to do, and learn, and plot before I even made my first post on this blog, but it seems like I may have jumped on a terrifying roller coaster, mid-trip, with the foreboding feeling of a massive drop ahead on the tracks, and the sharing of this discovery simply could not wait.

My eyes have been opened to a world of thought and practice that I knew almost nothing about, but now it seems I can see it everywhere. A mask has been lifted. I am no scholar, and I don’t have all of the facts, but will you come along with me as I begin a journey of seeking the truth? Seeking Jesus, and the lies people are telling about Him? Would you believe me if I told you that these lies are often coming straight from the churches that are rising in fame? So many people are deceived. So many have been sold a pack of lies, and will either fall away from Jesus in frustration, or further spread the hollow story they have woven together.

There is a movement called “Progressive Christianity,” which is gaining speed at a frightening pace. Progressive Christianity is the self-appointed name of the movement that rides on the backs of the Prosperity Gospel, Word of Faith churches, and New Thought (New Age) doctrines. It is a movement of self-empowerment, of downplaying Jesus and the need for repentance. The words “sin” and “repentance” are rarely, if ever, used. The fathers of Progressive Christianity and the Prosperity Gospel, such as Kenneth Copeland, are passing the torch on to a new generation who are peddling a more subtle, but no less deceptive twist of the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

The PC and PG movements are teaching congregations and unbelievers alike, that God will grant their every wish for health, wealth, peace, and prosperity. That Jesus is essentially a genie in a lamp (I have heard them even refer to him specifically this way,) who, with enough faith, enough good works, will grant you all of your dreams. That the gifts of Healing, Tongues, and Prophecy are to be cultivated in every believer, and that these skills are honed through intense practice, and that a faith without miraculous works is no faith at all. Teachers such as Benny Hinn have been using Faith Healing in dishonest ways.

Why is this dangerous? Why is this harmful? Can’t we let people practice what they will and just stay out of their way? I don’t think so. What happens when new believers hit lows, trials, tribulations and persecution? Won’t they fall away from Christ in disappointment and frustration? Won’t they despise Jesus and His people, and share those feelings with those around them? This is why I have started this blog to carry you along with me as I discover the roots and the truth of this movement. I want to be careful to pursue this endeavor, not in the spirit of self-promotion, but of seeking the Truth of Jesus Christ, and doing my best to educate lay-persons like myself who have likely been operating in ignorance through no fault of their own.

Please join me as, one at a time, I explore thought-leaders from every angle of this scary mess, and please do challenge me with information of your own, corrections, and questions for us to seek answers to together.

Lord please bless this effort, and keep our intentions true. Remind us to seek your will, your Truth, and to explore these issues with an attitude of students, peacemakers and truth-tellers. Remind us that division and dissension are never of You, but you always stand for Truth and most importantly, love.

Please comment below… WAY below…


  1. We attended a home Bible study in our neighborhood last fall that used a book by Bill Johnson – we were amazed by another couple that said they were practicing speaking in tongues. Say what??


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